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Print Your Own Personal Ticket or a Gift Ticket

Sample TicketOn our download page you will see a link to a designated event's Printable Ticket.  The file is a PDF that contains instructions and a printable ticket.  These may not be used for all events.  Let me explain how this works if they are available.

The PDF ticket will be used to keep an entry fee low and eliminate the need for envelopes, mailing labels, printed tickets, postage, and handling.  When you purchase an entry online, and this ticketing methodology is used, you will submit the standard information along with a 20 character registration number that you devise using all upper case letters and numbers.  For example: B8QDWFTGLF4DFORPH28P  That personal registration number will be entered into our competitor's database which will verify a competitor's registration number when they submit their answer. That's all you need to enter the event or present an entry ticket as a gift.

Print your ticket with your personal registration number as a reminder.  It's a convenient way to retrieve your number when the event begins, and you may need to present it to us to claim a major prize.  When you open the PDF file you can fill in your number on screen and then print your ticket.  Second, you may want to give a ticket as a gift to a friend, colleague, or loved one.  You may now be wondering, how can I do that since each entrant will need their own personal registration number.  Here's the answer.

When PDF ticketing is used, you will be able to purchase only one registration at a time.  If registering for yourself, you enter your personal 20 character registration number and you're done.  Print your ticket.  You are ready for the event.  If you want to give an entry ticket to someone, you would register again, this time entering a different 20 character registration number.  Enter that number on the printable ticket and its ready to give as a gift.  The number on that gift ticket now belongs to the new owner, allowing them entry into the event.  Follow the instructions on the PDF file to make the best looking ticket.  Click here to review a Plasma Manx PDF ticket if it were made available for the event.

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