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Manx Ticket Holders

Sample TicketWelcome to the event.  Your ticket may be different than the example to the left.  There are a number of things you want to do right away.  First, click here and download the Competition Package indicated at the top of your ticket (puzzle name).  Also download the Manx Training Samples.  These lead you through the entire solving process.  I strongly recommend you complete all the samples before the start of the event.

Second, install the competition Manx and the training samples.   After completing the installations, open the competition Manx and click Register on the main menu.  That will take you to the registration page.  There you will see a registration form or the dates when registration becomes available.  If the latter is the case, go back to the registration page during the dates indicated.  Each event ticket holder must register before the indicated closing date.  By registering, we will be able to send you e-mail updates about the puzzle, keyword delivery, and the start date.  If you do not register, you will not receive critical updates and information by e-mail.  I recommend you follow us on Twitter for updates as well.  We will also post timely information and updates on our Announcements page.

Third, after you have loaded the Manx on your computer, read all the information on the Read Now! page accessed from the Main Menu/Start Here.  There are important dates you must know.

Forth, visit our Manx Events page, locate your event, and click the link to review the prizes and awards that can be yours if you're a quick solver.

Finally, I would recommend you watch our video and review the links under Information on the main menu.  Learn all you can about the Manx before the start of your event.  Good luck in the competition!


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